Welcome to Finoptek, to Value Xd,

A pioneer in cloud based analytics and financial optimisation technology, a UK based #fintech #edtech #greentech #mindtech #sharetech startup.

We are at the intersection of a number of very hot and in demand markets, developing a unique cloud architecture that we believe will revolutionise the way we do analytical work, and how we share and publish it.

Our platform, Value XD, is multi-dimensional and provides under one roof the capabilities of space value optimisation, impact assessment, and other standard and non-standard tools commonly available as separate applications.

Through a secure and user friendly interface, our technology provides speed, efficiency, and analytical breadth and depth to the user, which our users will be able to expand continuously through the Add-On store.

Saving time and resources, our multi tool/language platform increases the efficiency of analytics many fold, and links data and analysis to the decision making process in a dynamic and interactive way. Furthermore, with scenario development and simulation tools, communication and coordination extras, Finoptek’s platform replaces tediousness with analytical effectiveness and fun.

Our technology also allows the design and instantaneous coding of user created models and algorithms into the platform, thus providing the user with the opportunity to grow the platform exponentially, by adding new functions into her or his interface. Users can make their models publicly available to other users if they so wished, or keep them as their own intellectual property.

Value Xd is a community inside a product, a market inside a service, and our users will be able to create share and even sell their models if they so wished to all interested followers from across the planet.

We aim to make Value Xd a vibrant community of ideas and value where we harness our collective intelligence for a brighter future.

Imagination creates!

Armen Papazian, PhD (Cantab)

Founder and CEO


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