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Space Value Optimisation:

A New Approach to Designing and Measuring Impact

“The rise of sustainable investing In 2016 the investment world – notably including the UK and the US under its new President – began to focus on infrastructure, driven by a return of faith in fiscal policy and a demand for long-term income. The focus for 2017 could well be sustainable investing. “

“The ‘Finance for the Future’ Awards, presented in Merchant Taylor’s Hall in October, are now in their fifth year. They are meant as a “celebration of leadership and innovation that creates sustainable businesses and economies”.

INVESTMENT VALUATIONS: The space value of money

A much-admired runner-up at the sustainability awards was Dr Armen Papazian. The Financial Times’ Lucy Kellaway, presenting the awards, spoke for much of the audience when she remarked that while Dr Papazian conveyed a fine sense of excitement about his theories, many in the audience, perhaps a little rusty in the mathematics department, would need to read his paper to gain the full benefit. We are delighted to give his paper its first public airing here in The Review.

Dr Papazian’s model introduces a new principle of value, ‘Space Value of Money,’ into our current risk-and time-based paradigm. He describes his model, equations and approach as ‘Space Time Finance’, and he is currently writing a book on the same, due to be published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2017. Dr Papazian, who has extensive financial industry experience, was previously a Fellow and Research Associate at the Judge Business School of Cambridge University, from which he holds a PhD in financial economics.”



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