The internet and cloud technology have radically transformed our lives.

Every industry and market has been or is in the process of being reinvented through cloud architecture. The cloud, acting as an agent of global synchronisation, has allowed instant sharing with the world, across and beyond borders. Indeed, today, we can instantly share our pictures, videos, news, stories, interests, ideas, screenshots, professional profiles, achievements, opinions, files, articles, reports, papers, music, moods, feelings, etc…. And yet, interestingly, we still CANNOT instantly share applied analytical, mathematical, scientific, logical models!

To date, scientific and academic articles and publications have gone ‘online’ to the extent that their pdf versions are now made available for download over the internet. Indeed, if one were to visit or, which host more than 48 million academics from around the world, one would observe that till today, the main and only medium of sharing academic and professional publications and models is through the sharing of links to pdf files. These pdf files, however, are equivalent to paper-based articles viewed on screen, to be printed later on if needed. Indeed, the models and equations in these articles are just visuals, and are not accompanied by the engine that applies them and calculates them. They are, as such, static images drawn into a word file that has been converted into a pdf. Thus, scientific models, equations, charts, and graphs, are still, passive visuals, as Excel or SPSS files rarely accompany these publications.

To date, most professional publications by the likes of the Bank of England, and the IMF, and others, are all done in pdf formats, but unlike academic publications, these are almost always  accompanied by data in an excel file. Usually uploaded on the same page of the report, like here, where we see the Lending Trends

report and the associated excel files

Furthermore, as of today, millions of professionals, scholars, analysts, and students, share their own or others’ published material on existing social media and publication platforms through either: 1) a post with links to pdf articles, or 2) an announcement of availability of such files, requesting interested parties to share their contact details in order to receive an emailed copy of the files.

The current format and architecture of creating and sharing scientific and professional models and equations, whether financial, economic, business, or any other type, are at best ineffective and inefficient. Furthermore, they keep academic knowledge at a distance, and rely primarily on the ingenuity of readers, if any, to translate them into functioning applicable tools.

Our solution, i.e., business idea, aims at reinventing the architecture of knowledge sharing across academia and industry, allowing for an instantaneous sharing of intelligent tools and models utilising cloud technology. We have called our platform ‘Value Xd’ as it enables and facilitates multidimensional value creation and sharing across time and space.

Our software allows users to create, publish, share and even sell, all kinds of models and templates. Users, whether professionals or academics, can build panels that merge the visual equations of a model(s) with their calculation engine, controller, information sheet, and pdf links. All Shareable as one entity (!) through a public library of models and a public feed that a user can scroll through. Value Xd acts as a sharing platform for intelligent tools, allowing users to follow specific authors, universities, and companies, facilitating the creation of groups and teamwork across the planet.

Value Xd also allows the publication and presentation of such models through a unique file format (.ptek) that, unlike passive pdfs, is a living document where panels can be explored, downloaded, and applied by individual readers/users. Ptek files merge the excel and pdf files into one, allowing greater transparency and clarity in the creation and sharing of analytical work.

In other words, Value Xd provides a scientist or analyst anywhere in the world the tools and platform to build, create, write, and publish a model that can be instantly available for download anywhere in the world, for free or for a fee.

Value Xd is a technology that aims to be the architecture of applied knowledge creation and sharing. It is a platform that harnesses collective intelligence for the common good, while providing individuals, companies, and universities, an open, flexible, and instantaneous sharing and/or selling space for their technical knowledge and applied expertise.

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